Certified PMP on 9-Mar-17

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Certified PMP on 9-Mar-17

Postby kpranav10 Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:26 am

Dear Friends,

I am proudly informing you all that I got passed in my PMP® certification exam yesterday with

Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling – Proficient
Closing – Moderately Proficient

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Saket & his full iZenBridge team for making the wonderful course on PMP Training. I personally liked and opted for this course because I liked the white board classroom sessions in place of presentations which is very common in our professional life. The white board session provides the opportunity to visualize the things in a flow and hence building more solid concepts. It also reminded me of my school and college days.

I would like to share my preparation and journey to become PMP® in my own style –
My initial thought and study for PMP was just like an Operations, ongoing process without any fixed end date. Finally, analyzing the business case I decided the project “A journey to PMP” with start date of 5th Jan 17 (enrollment to iZenBridge) and firm fixed end date of 9th Mar 17 (PMP exam date).

Then comes the Planning part which is done with progressive elaboration,
Step 1 – Firstly, I made week wise plan with targets to complete chapter wise iZenBridge Videos, Rita Mulcahy & PMBOK full study, Quiz Test & Rita Mulcahy chapter end tests.

Step 2 – Then completed chapter wise mock tests, analysis and revision of the chapters with key points highlighted in earlier study (Strictly Kept 1 day per chapter).

Step 3 – Taken 2 full length 4hrs mock test and some Christopher Scordo tests with analysis (got 84% & 90% in iZenBridge mock tests). Based on the results and analysis, decided to stop giving more tests and should concentrate on just building final concepts by again reading Rita Mulcahy and reconciling with PMBOK process diagrams. Target was 2 or 3 chapters per day random in order.

Step 4 – Take 3rd full length mock test on 5th Mar 17 and got 92% and few more short tests.

Step 5 (most important) – Last 3 days - Taken print out of ITTO from excel Process Group wise and mapped and analyzed the process in the real project perspective and highlighting the important tools or inputs or outputs of each process. Visualizing how all the process flow in real project prospective is really important.

The above was completed with execution of plan & strict monitoring and controlling. We need to analyses the risks (gaps and strengths, as risks can be threat as well as opportunity) and make contingency plan (areas to improve, understand & enhance) and yaa fallback plan is really important as always the contingency plan will not work.

The PMP exam is only concept, concept and concept. If you feel project management, you will definitely pass through it. The most important thing is to have confidence that it is your dream to become PMP and you can achieve it. I always visualize what if I become a PMP. Even I visualized writing this post here long back.

Someone might be thinking the journey (project) can’t be complete as there was no Closing Process. Guys… writing this long post and capturing the lesson learned and strengthening the OPA is I believe is a nice way to close my project.

So, all the very best to all the PMP aspirants and once again thanks to entire team. :)

Thanks & Regards,
Kumar Pranav
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Re: Certified PMP on 9-Mar-17

Postby manishpn Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:51 am

Congratulations and wish you all the best
Manish P
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Re: Certified PMP on 9-Mar-17

Postby saket Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:19 am

Congratulations !!! and thank you for sharing your PMP preparation approach. Big thanks for selecting us as your training provider.
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