I passed PMP

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I passed PMP

Postby rameshsa@yahoo.com Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:58 pm

Hello All,

At first I would like to thank Saket, Manish, Seema, Jyothi and all the staff of Izenbridge..
Without you this journey would not have been smooth.

Here are my lessons learnt:

I was Wipro’s (Internal PM certified) at that time and those certifications helped me to gain me eligible for PMP applications @ PMI.

My journey has been probably the longest. Applied for PMP application in summer of 2015.
Application went for audit – I tried to reply to audit and it went to 3 -4 iterations to an extent that PMI sent an email asking my then PM for query on project about closing experience. Finally it was approved in Aug 2015.
Aug I registered for izenbridge videos and followed the discussion in this group.

Key to success in PMP according to me is:

Initiate: I did know what PMP is – In 2015 I joined this LinkedIn I want to be PMP group to got to know more about it.

Planning: purchased IZenbridge Vidoes, PMBOK and Rita – then planned Chapter wise reading and answering the questions. I also followed Sal’s Lesson learnt and joined PMP home what’s app group. From there we created a PMP Study group with few aspirants where we worked on each KA and discussed lot of queries and questions.

Execute (according to me):
1. Print Exam content outline.. Map the process associated with each task.. Emphasis on Execute M/C and Planning process while others are important too but they are small.
2. Dir and Manage Prj work: I solved Scardo in set of 4 exams (18) (50 each) of 4 shots and another short one with 2 papers. I used to track how many question I am able answer every hours. I use to solve average 70 questions per hours and use to end up test with 30-40 mins to spare. I kept the same pace in final exam too.. I had 5-6 mins to review last marked question. I had about 6-7 for review.
3. Variance Analysis: Solving full 200 question mocks is key.. my brain use to get tired after answering 120 question. During my mock analysis I found mistake patterns… using Monte Carlo analysis that my patters of wrong answers were more from 120 -180 as my brain use to get tired. If you solved 5-6 full mocks with timer you will overcome this.

M/C of the Mock exams:
I categorized the answers into 2 parts:
1. Doubt full question: Marked the doubtful questions in different color and read the question and my choice of answer even if the answers were correct. Even references Rita and PMBOK.
2. Wrong Answer analysis :
The wrong answers analysis.. I use to keep separate sheets for each KA then write down the wrong answers, my analysis why I did that question wrong.. Then Referred Rita/PMBOK alongside to understand the concept. I use to take a count at end of each mock how many mistakes on each KA.. Then I used Pareto Chart to understand and rank my mistakes in KA wise.

Scheduling exam: On Jan 7 2017. Worked backwards to achieve the target finish date without any lags.. I use to Fast track some activities than Crashing (as it cost extra money).

The day arrived and was worst as it was snowy stormy day with freezing temperature. I had my friend who took me to venue in his car and took care of me like anything.. He even got coffee during exam breaks and kept them near the lockers. I am so much thankful for his kind help and gesture.

I had reached venue 2 hrs before and did few last min skim trough PMBOK and my notes. Then started the exam as per planned time. First 100 questions were easy and then Took 2-3 mins break at 115th question about 2:15 hrs had passed by then. Refreshed my brain with some snacks and cup of coffee (these can be kept near lockers, you don’t have to go through security check and waste time). Solved reaming 88 question with 5-6 mins to spare for revision of marked questions. Reviewed them again and then exam ended itself after 4hrs completion. Then survey screen popped up.. My heart was beating…while I was praying to God and just chanting his name… when survey was completed.. I saw the Congratulation screen in blue background… and there was not limit to my joy, I was thrilled and excited.. I started jumping from the chair and cheering as I was the last person in the hall.. My results were welcomed by snow showers as I stepped out of the Prometric center.

Key points to remember for Aspirants :
• SPI CPI (if SPI < 1 and CPI < 1)
• EVM problem
• CR management
• Sensitive analysis
• Pareto / Isikawa diagram
• Push and Pull communications
• Risk Management – reserve analysis
• SH management and communication mgmt.
• Network diagrams - float and total float
• Project charter, SOW, Business case
• Procurement type and procurement close.

All the very best… There is no substitute to Hard work and Commitment. If you believe in Pranayama “Breathing exercise” please do it … You will see the difference.

Thank all the people in the group who helped me in this Journey.. Thanks a lot.
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Re: I passed PMP

Postby Housam Bassal Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:18 pm

Housam Bassal
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Re: I passed PMP

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:43 am

Congratulations Ramesh!!
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Re: I passed PMP

Postby jyotimayank Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:03 am

Heartiest Congratulations!!! Ramesh
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