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Passed PMP on 26th dec

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMP on 26th dec

Postby ashima11 Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:19 am

Hi All,
I passed my PMP exam yesterday on 26th Dec in first attempt with 3 P's and 2 MP's. Thanks to izenbridge for very good training material!

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Re: Passed PMP on 26th dec

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:06 am

Congratulations Ashima!! I request you to share your lesson learned; it will support future test takers.
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Re: Passed PMP on 26th dec

Postby manishpn Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:19 am

congratulations, this is a good way to end 2016 :)
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Re: Passed PMP on 26th dec

Postby saket Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:01 am

Congratulations !!! and i am sure you met your ROM estimate for clearing PMP exam. :-)
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Re: Passed PMP on 26th dec

Postby ashima11 Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:05 am

Mine was a very short but dedicated and concentrated preparation for PMP. I started with studying PMBOK (on 12th Nov), completed the first round in 4 weekends (so basically 8 days 6-7 hours a day). In parallel I submitted my application, which unfortunately went for audit. In total it took 3 weeks to get the whole audit process cleared (getting all the artifacts, sending to US and final approval from PMI).

I bought Izenbridge study material on 9th Dec. Started with full fledged preparation from 10th Dec. Had taken 2 weeks off from work. So studied 12-14hrs a day. I didnt refer any other book other than PMBOK . In parallel went through all the videos of the course, each process wise. They really helped. Thanks Saket sir , you have a wonderful way of explaining. Whatever topics that are not detailed out in PMBOK, your videos helped to get a clarity.

Each and every word of the PMBOK needs to be understood as well as learned. You can only learn it if you understand. I managed to learn all the IOTT by the last day - only by understanding and having a pattern in mind. You cant cram.

Did all questions of the course material (chapter wise and full length), Rita's chapter end questions . In addition - Christopher Scordo (they are comparatively easy, but covers every word of PMBOK). Also did few free tests - PMStudy, Simplilearn, Headfirst, Oliver Leahmann and few links as below. Dont do questions and mock exams with the objective that you might get any seen questions in the exam. Do it to verify your knowledge. And dont start doing it till you are atleast 80% prepared. I only did this in last 5-6 days. Else when you are not prepared and you don't do well it will demoralize you. Also what matters is reviewing all the questions and understanding the answers (even the right ones) and not the count of questions you have done.

Feedback on exam - There was only 1 question in the exam that had terms or reference that I could not find in PMBOK. Otherwise there was nothing outside it. I just got around 5 very easy EVM questions, 1 network diagram. All the remaining were situational. The questions were not lengthy (did not have long stories as generally is said they have). the biggest issue was almost all questions had atleast 2 choices (if not more) correct. So that's where you need to have read the PMBOK very thoroughly to be able to find some word/clue that will help you find the right answer. Lot of questions on Risks, Cost management (not EVM), stakehloder mgt, conflict management, stages of team, project charter, procurement. Most of the questions were on the tools and techniques and you need to be very clear on each tool and technique.

One thing that really helped me - I think in getting around 10 questions from closing and initiation right is the PMBOK Content outline pdf - project management professional exam outline. Not sure if people refer to that. I bumped into it while looking for Jan '16 exam changes. The tasks given in that really helped in clarifying what happens in each phase. There were quite a few words that were picked from there that you will not find in PMBOK. Eg Kick off meeting. I had 2-3 questions on it, while in PMBOK there is hardly any reference to it. I read this on last day before the exam, and it really helped.

I finally took the date of 26th dec, 2 weeks of dedicated effort and went and cleared the exam! I was doing the mock exams in no longer than 2.5 hrs, and the actual exam I couldn't review around 15 marked questions! The difference between any mock exam and real exam is the options of the questions. Lot of mock exam questions you will be able to get right because 3 out of 4 options are very evidently wrong. In the real exam 3 out 4 options are very evidently right!!
This is a feedback for izenbridge as well - though the standard of your questions is much better than other free exams, I would request you to focus on the options as well. Try to make them little more complicated.

Thanks to Izenbridge. I would greatly recommend your course to PMP aspirants!

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