My exam prep story- Passed PMP

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My exam prep story- Passed PMP

Postby PMPaspirant111 Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:17 pm

Rewind last 3 weeks.
1. PMBOK and Rita's. PMBOK for theory and Rita's for application, tricks of the trade in Rita's book
2. Saket's Youtube videos on select topics- Excellent. Shared with my friends too
3. Quizzes taken- Rita's end of chapter, Head First, Oliver Lehman. Several other sites had questions, they were so poorly worded that it only confused me more. They can very easily misdirect you.
4. Rewind last week- Down with bad cold and fever. Could not study/revise. At this point, I have read PMBOK 4 times and Ritas 3 times.
5. Took quizzes last week only. Finished all test exams in 3 hrs. 85+% on these tests.
6. Had fever on exam day. Took all 4 hrs to complete actual exam. Took 1 hr to finish 30 questions. At this point, my confidence level was at 1. Was super nervous as the first batch of questions were tough. But as you get experienced in answering, the next set of difficult questions won't seem very difficult at all as you are in a rhythm.
7. I did not mark very many questions. Instead I spent time, thought abt the question and answered it and then marked it. This way I am not thinking about question 10 when I am in question 100. Spend time on a question and be done with it. Then mark it. I had about 20 questions marked overall. I was confident about the other 180 that I did not even go back and revise.
8. 30 seconds before complete, I was fairly confident of my exam. Hit End exam and saw the result.

My advice is to read the PMBOK guide and apply knowledge gained from experience. Saket's videos deserve a special thumbs up.
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Re: My exam prep story- Passed PMP

Postby manishpn Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:01 pm

thank you for sharing your experience, and all the best
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Re: My exam prep story- Passed PMP

Postby saket Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:08 am

Congratulations !!! and thank you for sharing your exam experience.
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