My Journey towards PMP

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My Journey towards PMP

Postby vishwanath Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:45 pm

Hi Friends,
I am here to share my experience towards the journey PMP.
1. My preparation started in 2010 Oct. Taken up the exam and could not clear in first attempt.
2. I have put on more efforts than earlier and to clear the exam. Taken the exam in 2012 but could not clear.
3. I have attended the training from one of the training institute and got the updated version aligned to me and taken mocks near to 6500 questions and taken up the exam in 2013 twice. My mock scores were between 72-89% in Scordo, PMP Fast track, PMStimulator, PMStudy(1,2,3,4) , Oliver, Head First. But finally could not clear.
4. Today after continuous 3months of rigorous effort and since last 15 days almost 16 hours of a day dedication on preparation of PMP and the score as below:
first time before reading pmbok and rita for this attempt scored
Rita-PMP-66.5 and Ritas Super PMP---54.5, Pmstimulator--55%
After one complete round of reading of both PMBOK and Rita my scores went up as below
Super PMP-74%
Christopher Scordo-1-18----Ranged between 74%-79%
Oliver ---71%
Pmstudy (1,2,3,4)====73%-79%
Finally in exam it is surprising my scores were
Monitoring & Controlling==BP

Since I am not a person of giving up I have never given up and taken 5 times and put my sincere efforts every time I appeared for the Exam, but still I could not clear the exam.
To my surprise today's attempt of my PMP exam was easy and straight forward. I am and was very very confident I will clear with 5 Ps but I failed the exam.

1 June 2016
Now the Time has come to Say Good Bye to PMP
Today after rigorous preparation of 2months with the following scores below:
1. Rita Fast Track---78%
2. Oliver ---- 72%
3. Pm Stimulator---78%
4. Pmstudy - 1-----72%
5. Pmstudy 2 ------71%
6. Pmstudy 3 ------75%
7. Pmstudy 4 ------73%
8. Rita Super PMP-----69%
9. Examcentral===84%
10. Scordo 1 - 10 -----average 68%
11. Scordo 11-18 ---Average 70-72%
I failed the exam. This was my 6th Attempt with P's , MP and BPs. I really could not imagine after putting so much of efforts and on continuous score of above 65% on average I failed the exam. Now it's time for me to say good bye PMP and thanks for letting me update with the Project management knowledge.
I would definitely like to thank my Parents and my husband to motivate me to take up the exam and my mentors and friends Naga Santhi, KVR, KSS, Satyavathi, Murali Krishna, Ajit, Moshin, Asif, Kartik, SANDIP CHANDA, Avinash Reddy, Shree Maya, Saket Bansal and finally Hemal for your support and guidance.
It is really very painful to say good bye for PMP. I just loved PMP.

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Re: My Journey towards PMP

Postby saket Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:47 am

If PMP is really important for you we can make it happen for you, give our program / content one chance... i saw you tried everything except our program. I am not saying that it would have 100% make you pass... but you can think of .
Explore our online PMP Program , it makes PMP Easy :-)

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Re: My Journey towards PMP

Postby sarawat Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:29 pm

I salute your courage and determination to share your experience on this forum.

Believe it or not, there are good number of people on earth who have cleared their PMP after multiple unsuccessful attempts but they haven't talk about it.

I am not trying to advertise iZenbridge's PMP material but I certainly believe that you should give one try and try their PMP video tutorials and who knows exactly after two months you will post your "successful journey towards PMP" in this forum.

Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Thanks n Regards,
Sanjay Singh Rawat

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