Cleared PMP exam successfully on 14/04/16

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Cleared PMP exam successfully on 14/04/16

Postby pandeym Sun May 01, 2016 9:15 am

First thing first - Thanks to the 'Team iZenBridge' & Saket Sir for your amazing guidance!

I appeared for PMP on 14th April and got it cleared on my first attempt. (Sorry for late update on the forum)

About my preparation -
It took me 2 months to get the grip of the concepts/objective/logic - I reckon, once you are clear of these 3 things, you should be ready to face the exam!

Study material referred: PMBOK 5, RITA Mulcahy, Scordo question bank, Richard Perrin and izenbridge online classes by Mr. Saket.

First month: I did read PMBOK twice before getting into the other study materials - this is top down approach (this may work for others, but i reckon Bottom Up is much better instead)
Second month: Went through all of the izenbridge online videos chapter wise + solving the questions (best way to get the concepts cleared), followed by Richard Perrin (its a shortcut guide kind of book), followed by RITA (mother of details), followed by attempting full question papers of iZenbridge/RITA/SCORDO/Richard [this one i'll call Bottom up approach]

About the exam –
All 200 questions were situational! So if someone is not clear with the PMBOK concepts/objectives, then you must postpone your exam till you are clear!
Heavy focus on “What PM do next?”, “What’s the correct approach?”, “How to best handle this situation?” kind of questions.
Focus more on Integration, Planning part of Procurement / HR / Risk

My Suggestion to aspiring candidates –
Although every individual may have their own way of undergoing the study process, but my suggestion would be to focus on "Understanding the concepts & idea behind each concept", "Why do project managers do certain things in the order prescribed". (Easier said than done!!)
You may wish to follow this methodology (my personal learning on how I could have approached): Take Bottom-up approach, which means:
- Read through PMBOK once thoroughly (need not deep dive at this stage) [timeline - 10 days]
- Go through all of the izenbridge online videos chapter wise + solving the chapter based questions [timeline - 15 days]
- Read RITA Mulcahy briskly (focus on "highlighted & important notes") - having gone through Mr. Saket's videos you would have your concepts in place by now; RITA will help reaffirming it (although questions at the end of each chapter have very minimal reflection of actual exam questions except those which are situational) [timeline - 5 days]
- Read Richard Perrin briskly (its a very concise extract of PMBOK & RITA in simple version) - CAUTION: This book is not for clearing the understanding on concepts or "Why part of it", thus it has to be referred only after Izenbridge & RITA for better impact [timeline - 5 days]
- Study PMBOK again (by this time you would be able to co-relate WHY a project manager has to do certain thing & PMBOK will make more sense)
- Attempt solving full question papers of iZenbridge followed by RITA (if you have their question bank) & SCORDO (this is easily available)

LAST TIP: If you have seriously followed the above schedule & are clear with the "WHY" part of it project manager's work, then 'you are ready to rock!' - Go and be confident (its not that tough either). Scoring certain % in your mock tests has no direct relevance to final exam, but will certainly be a confidence booster if have scored 70+ on izenbridge 200 questions segment for more than 2 consecutive times (non repetitive paper) & Scordo will give you that "feel good factor" if you score more than 65% in its last 3 question segments.

If any aspirant need any information related to PMP & its preparation, drop me mail on and I will happy to assist to best of my knowledge.
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Re: Cleared PMP exam successfully on 14/04/16

Postby manishpn Sun May 01, 2016 10:15 am

thank you for sharing valuable information, and wish you all the best
Manish P
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Re: Cleared PMP exam successfully on 14/04/16

Postby saket Mon May 02, 2016 9:46 am

Congratulations !!! and thank you for selecting us for your PMP training needs.
Explore our online PMP Program , it makes PMP Easy :-)

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Re: Cleared PMP exam successfully on 14/04/16

Postby jyotimayank Fri May 06, 2016 12:52 pm

Heartiest Congratulations!! Mahesh, do stay connected with us via this forum.
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