Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

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Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby rajeshkumar Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:55 pm

I passed my PMP exam on March 30 on first try with 3 Ps and 2 MPs. Here below is a quick summary of my PMP journey:

• Preparation Material: PMBOK & Rita PMP Exam Prep
• Preparation Time: ~2 months
• Total Effort: ~170 hours
• Professional training: None; I used my past trainings attended around project management to claim the required contact hours
• Exam Questions: ~2500 questions ; all free resources (Pmstudy,Olivier L,ExamCentral,Edwel,techfaq360 etc ) ; scored between 68% (in beginning) & >85% towards the end of the preparation
• Other resources: Watched free videos on YouTube (Simplilearn, iZenbridge and Rita Mulcahy). very helpfeul and convenient resource. thanks to Mr. Saket and all other people for simplifying the journey for hundreds of PMP aspirants by publishing all relevant material at free of cost
The Exam:

The real exam was a bit different compared to the free mock tests (in terms of content NOT in principle). A big portion of the exam was covered with situational questions with most stuff linked to the following knowledge areas:
• Stakeholder management
• Communication management
• Quality management

Also , there were several questions on the “perform integrated change control”. Fewer formula based questions and hardly 2-3 direct questions on the ITTOs (pay attention to this one as it requires huge effort to memorize ITTOs)

My advice (based on my own experience) :

1. Do not make it a long project ; 3 months could be an ideal period (150 to 200 hours of effort)
2. Reading round #1: read the PMBOK once (it is absolutely normal if you do not understand a big portion for the first time). in addition, read a prep book of your choice (Rita, Headfirst, Andy). I would suggest to skip the questions given after each chapter (something I could not do); keep it for the 2nd round. This would help you gauze your progress and identify your gaps in the knowledge
3. Practice exam round #1 (should be after 3 to 4 weeks of preparation) : take 2-3 exams (say one full 200 question exam + 2 to 3 short exams) just to have an idea of the type of questions, time and attention you would require for the exam. This would set the stage for 2nd round
4. Reading round #2: Read the PMBOK page to page (some people do not like the PMBOK, even for me it was the same but made more sense when I read it for the 2nd time and several questions were linked to the direct phrases used in the PMBOOK). whatever book you choose, make sure you understand everything in the 2nd round.
5. Practice exam round#2: do it more seriously this time, take a note of your knowledge gaps (As suggested by several people in various blogs) and make sure to fix the gaps in your knowledge before you move on to the next exam.
a. Quality of all free exams is not the same, so I would suggest to start with the easier ones like “examcentral” => then take the ones which are more close to the real PMP exam (PMStudy, Cornelius fichtner,IzenBridge etc)
b. Take the 2 exams (Oliver Lehmann 75 & 175 questions) towards the end to gauge your preparation; if you can score >75%; you are in a very good shape
6. Prepare your own notes of the key concepts and weak areas and focus only on those points during the last phase
7. Skim though the important topics for a 3rd time 1-2 days before the exam (~8-10 hr should be enough)

Sleep well the night before (never mind if you can’t) , have proper breakfast and go for the exam with a smiling face. This is not going to be the last exam of your life. Do not let the “fear of failure” drive you crazy when it is not required

Most Important:
If 600K people can do it, I can do it, you can also do it. It’s not a piece of cake but it’s not a rocket science either. It requires a bit of discipline, determination and conscious effort…and that’s All.

My best wishes for all PMP aspirants!

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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby manishpn Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:37 pm

Congratulations and thankyou for sharing your experience
Manish P
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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby mkkr2004 Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:59 am


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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby saket Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:11 am

Congratulations !! and thank you for sharing your PMP Journey .
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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby EsakkiMuthu Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:42 am

Congrats Rajesh...

did you find many HR questions ?
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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby rawatabhay Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:12 am

Congratulation Rajesh...and thanks for sharing your experience....
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Re: Cleared PMP in my first attempt on 30 March , in Geneva

Postby Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:35 pm

Congrats!! RAjesh

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