Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

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Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby anshul1310 Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:01 am

## I started with Lessons learnt but it became a big blog. I am not removing anything, as I want to share my whole journey/experience to help new PMP aspirants.###

It was an amazing journey and its more joyful when you finish exam with "Congratulations".

I cleared PMP on 21 Dec'2015 - 4 P and 1 MP (Closing).

Its a unique exam and more tough when you study after 11 years. I started preparation for PMP in July 2015, but with 1.5 year old kid at home, i was not able to study daily and that too only 1 hr maximum. But I think thats not enough, you need atleast 3 hrs daily (weekday) and some 6-7 hrs on weekend. One month before my family went on vacation to India and that was the turning point. Thanks a lot to my wife for her support, she didn't disturb me in studies even when my son was not well in India.

I went through many videos on youtube and then I saw one of Saket's video. It was really helpful as its a interactive session not like sharing a ppt and explain. He made the boring PMBOK interesting, and thats the best part of his videos.I made a decision to purchase IZEN online course the very next day after seeing one video (and that was my best part :D ). I contacted via IZEN chat tool and got a really quick reply from Jyoti Gupta.

Lessons learnt ..

- I started reading PMBOK and it’s a perfect sleeping pill. I enjoyed nice sleep for almost two weeks and then decided to read Rita. I purchased Rita's hard copy and started reading and completed the whole book in 1.5 Months. I know its more but was not able to give time daily.
- Once done with Rita, I started reading PMBOK along with Rita - chapter by chapter.
- But then i stopped studying for almost 1 month, you need to continue studying otherwise you feel a fresh start after a break.
- I started again and prepared a schedule (no. of pages per day) and completed around 30 pages daily, whenever I got time. This planning helped me to complete PMBOK once.
- Now only one month remaining in the exam and I started reading PMBOK again, and saw some IZEN videos. I purchased IZEN PMP online course and gone through all videos along with PMBOK chapters.
- Best thing about Saket's videos is you feel interaction which makes study interesting.
Now only seeing chapter videos and go to next chapter was helping but something was missing. It is always good to do a group study and explain the other person the same way as Saktet explains in his videos. This approach will clear your all doubts about why this input is used for this process, why this technique, how come we derive output using inputs and tools, which input-tool combination will give a particular output.
In my case I didn't have anybody, so I pasted some white sheets on wall. After every complete knowledge area (not process), I draw kind of context diagram for every process and explain "WHY" for every input, tool and output. So whatever part I am not clear or missed in my context diagram I highlight that part with other color. With this process, you will know your gaps and for those gaps you can go to google, read blogs and get as much as clarity. IT WORKS.

- IZEN 100 questions (Free) - 73%
- PMStudy - 76%
- Rita fasttrack each knowledge area - 70 - 80%
- PM Exam central - 76%
- IZEN Mock 1 - 76%
- IZEN Mock 2 - 75%
- IZEN Mock 3 - 85%
- PMStudy Again - 90%
- Simple Learn - 75%
-Scordo (more than 85%) – THIS IS MUST.

If you see the scores above, its approx 75%, I was not able to cross 75%, and that was my worry point. Another good practice I followed, I prepared sheets for all the wrong questions - Important points, gaps, what to read again, and created a word document for every mock test includes all wrong questions. I used to repeat these wrong questions whenever I get time, I always score 100% (because of my wonderful visual memory), but wherever I am not clear about exact reason for the answer, I mark those questions with red color - so I can read more about those areas and get clarity from anywhere in google.

Last Month
- I studied lottttt, around 5-6 hours on weekday and 10-12 hrs on Sat and Sunday. My mission was to complete PMBOK, RITA and IZEN videos in 15 days and I completed in 14 days.

Last week
- I have gone through IZEN videos again for the areas where I felt I made more mistakes in Mock - and I always opened PMBOK while seeing these videos. Good thing about these interactive videos that you can pause SAKET :-), read PMBOK, Rita, clear your concepts and resume video.
- Solved all the wrong questions and gone through the sheets I prepared for each knowledge area. Whatever was still not clear, created a final sheet with those topics. I completed this in two days and then i had two more days to clear my concepts for listed topics in final sheet.
- I opened google and just typed those topics with PMP at the end, read blogs (IZEN, PMStudy till I get clarity. Again if you have somebody also doing PMP preparation, that really helpful to clarify your doubts.

Last 2 days
- I was not having any leaves available, as I am planning to go to India on vacation in Feb. Good part that my exam was on Monday, so I had weekend. On Saturday, I have gone through inputs and output for every chapter, gone through my final sheets, all wrong questions, pmp glossary. I didn't get a good sleep on Saturday Night. On Sunday, I didn't study more, had lunch in the indian restaurant and packed food for the dinner. I had more food on Sunday to have a good sleep :-).

- My exam was at 0900, luckily I got sleep on previous night at around 1030 (Thanks to delicious food) and woke up at 5:30 am, had tea and reached exam center one hour before.
- you will get some 15 minutes to go through the instructions, but you can easliy finish reading instructions in 5 mins with 10 minutes in hand. You need to prepare yourself to use these 10 minutes and write the formulas, important definitions or anything related to your weak areas. What I did, i Wrote couple of formulas, and I wrote planning part of RITA's chart, as it is sequential and believe me it helped me to solve 8-10 questions where its been asked what a PM will do next.
- First 50 questions, I felt tough (may be it was a start), but I marked all the questions wherever I had a little doubt. My plan was to finish first round in 3 hours. Next 50 was OK. Once I finish 100 questions, in 1 hour 45 minutes, I took a break of 5 minutes and resumed. Next 100 questions was very quick and I finished all the questions in 3 hour 15 minutes.
- I had 45 minutes to review marked questions, and this time I had reasons for the right answers, I changed some 10 answers. Still had 15 minutes, so I reviewed my maths questions, as I didn't want to loose a single mark in maths questions (math was very easy, if you practice 10 questions for each formula you will be able to get 100% marks)
- I completed everything with 1 minute 55 second remaining. I didn't click on END, was waiting for the exam to end automatically. I was confident that I will clear, but still 10% doubt as all questions were situational. Finished the survey, gave very satisfied for all, and finally clicked on END, close my eyes for 10 seconds and saw "Congratulations" on the screen with 4 Proficient (never expected) and 1 MP (Closing).

Its not the end - just a beginning. Saket, Jyoti, I will talk to you guys soon to consult for other certifications.
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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby ujjal_show Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:45 pm

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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby gsumankumar Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:43 pm

Congratulations Anshul,

We might have written same prometric in Selnor in Brussels on same day.

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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby arjun Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:05 pm

Congratulations Anshul..I very much liked yr LL. :)
did you learned all ITTOS.?
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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby Mahfuz Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:06 pm

Kind regards,
Mahfuz Rahman ,PMP
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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby sriniraman Fri Dec 25, 2015 3:45 am

Congrats Anshul !
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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby anshul1310 Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:29 am

Thanks all.

@Suman - May be yes, because my slot was also 0900

@Arjun - you don't have to memorize ITTO, you need to understand the reason why it is an input, output or TT for a particular process. If you are able to understand that, you will not have any need to memorize them.

There are only 4-5 questions in exam which ask about tool and tech., so don't waste your time in memorizing them.

Let me know if you have any further queries, I will be more than happy to answer.

ALl the best

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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby saket Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:46 am

Congratulations !!!! and thanks for using our PMP program, sure we are at your assistance for your next certifications.... we are doing lots of work in agile based project management ... :)
Explore our online PMP Program , it makes PMP Easy :-)

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Re: Passed PMP on 21 Dec in Belgium

Postby jyotimayank Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:15 am

Dear Anshul
Heartiest congratulations!!! on your success, so your this new year is indeed Happy New Year for you:)

You are most welcome to discuss other certificates with us, all the best for your future endeavours.
Jyoti Gupta
PMP Mentor & Coach

iZenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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