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Cleared PMP on Feb, 10th 2020

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Cleared PMP on Feb, 10th 2020

Postby neeraj.vasudeva Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:33 am


Have been preparing for couple of months, took few breaks in between, I would say, I spent about 400+ hrs to prepare, primary reason being I took way too many breaks.
Anyone planning to go for PMP, don't repeat my mistake of taking way too many breaks. Just plan to spend 200-300 hrs in continuous x. no. of months

Here's what I referenced

iZenBridge Video: Saw it at least 3-4 times. This was main source of study. I saw it in fast speed mode like speed of 2 instead of usual normal 1.0 speed.
This is because I have trained my brain over last few years to watch videos at a much higher speed. Having said that, izenbridge videos are the main reason that I could clear the exam.
Rita : Read it 3 times
PMBOK - Read it once. Very dry book, so relied on iZenbridge Videos to understand everything

Knowledge Area Mock Test: Rita online as well as after questions after each & every chapter, Scordo, izenbridge. On an average I scored between 78 to 85% on questions after each Knowledge Areas

Full Blown Mock Test: PM-prepcast Simulator. Since I came to know about Simulator only a week before the actual exam, I could do 2 full blown 200 questions test only ...scored 74% & 73%

Scored following in Actual Exam
Initiating: Above Target
Planning: Below Target
Executing: Above Target
M&C: Target
Closing: Above Target

Mistakes that I did:

* Overstretched the exam preparation
* Did not submit the Application until last month
* Did only 2 mock test that too just during last 2 days before exam, so literally did not took any rest between Mock Test & Actual exam.
* Should have attempted on doing mock test after 1st round of preparation
* Had a sleep of just 2.5 hours night before the exam.
* Took exam center which was 1.5 hours away from my city and my exam was scheduled for 8 am, so i had to getup at 4:30 am. While choosing a diff. date was not an option for me, but given a choice, I would refrain from selecting a morning schedule for actual exam.
* First 90 question, I was just too anxious and did not do well, took a deep breath after 90th questions, and answered calmly remaining 110 questions.

What worked in my case
* Solid preparation by watching IzenBridge Videos
* Was confident on my prep., so even though i scored 74 & 72% in pm-simulator, I was fairly confident (85%) that I would pass. The pm-simulator mock test definitely boosted my confidence. This is one of the best mock test that I saw.
* After 90th question in PMP exam, i calmed myself & did much better.
* Utilized laminated sheet given by center to categorize questions in 2 categories.. 1st category i was like NOT 100% sure and the second category was where i was confident about my choice like 80%. So during the review, I focused on first where I was not all confident about my choices/answer options, this helped a lot. Imagine if you are using pearsonvue "flag question" option, how would you know, which one falls under which category.

I finished the exam in 3.5 hours and kept 30 minutes for review which was less compared to the amount of questions that I had marked, having said that the above strategy of marking questions helped me a lot.
Got 3-5 numerical questions. Overall most of the questions i.e. about 70-75% were very short questions like 2-3 lines, there were few which were like 5 lines questions.
I did not took even a single minute break during the exam even though I slept 2.5 hrs previous night. Somehow, I have a very strong capacity to sit at one place for hours and hours. The noise cancelling headsets provided by Pearson were very helpful in avoiding any distraction.

Hope this helps future aspirants.

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Re: Cleared PMP on Feb, 10th 2020

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:14 pm

Congratulations Neeraj, Thanks for choosing iZenBridge in your success.
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Re: Cleared PMP on Feb, 10th 2020

Postby gurvinderjeet Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:15 pm

Congratulations Neeraj. Did you get any questions from the "Tailoring Considerations" sections in each chapter we have in PMBoK?

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