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Passed PMP...time for some Lessons Learned

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:39 am
by taterarpit
Hi All,

Once again thanks for all of your help. Here are few ( not a long list though .. ) tips which might be helpful for some of you in passing the exam.

1. First and foremost watch Videos from Izenbridge atleast 4 time ( i did and it has really helped me in understanding PMBOK and believe me you dont have to MEMORIZE ITTO ) ...
2. Special focus on Quality,Risk, HR, Communications, Contract Type and EVM questions. I got majority of the questions from these knowledge Areas.
3. There were close to 18 questions related to ITTO, more then 25 maths related, 5 questions from CPM, lot of questions from Quality, HR , Communications, Contract type ( which was really tricky ), Risk response types questions ( like which strategy PM should use or USED in the scenario ).
4. Prepare as many MOCK test you can do ( but be version of Tutorial Point is not good so dont go for that ). Go with Scordo, Actual Tests 700 questions ( good for ITTO purpose ) and one more Actual Tests 600 questions ( good for little wordy questions )
5. For simulation exams go with Simplilearn, Examcentral , PMstudy and of course izen bridge.
6. Use Izenbridge Forum or I WANT TO DO PMP group on Linkedin whenever you have doubt and you will get the solution with an explanation you will never get anywhere so that is one most important Tool & Technique
7. One day before the exam, dont study ( just a final glimpse on your notes should be helpful ). That would help you in keeping your mind fresh.
8. Reach exam hall well in advance so that you have enough time to get used to of the situation ( once i reach there i was little tensed, but then i spoke to other candidates, few ALL THE BEST's were shared and that really made me feel little comfortable )
9. Exam was not tough but WORDY, TRICKY and will test you how you good your knowledge is and how well you are prepared.
10. If you see starting 5-10 questions tough, dont get panic. Just mark them without spending much time on a particular question.
11. Last but not the least... MANAGING TIME IS CRUCIAL. Timer will keep on running and its not easy to manage time and complete all the questions in 4 hours.

All the very best for your exam and preparation. Feel free to get in touch with me in case you need any study material ( i have all the PDF's, so in case you having tough time finding or downloading let me know ).

Once again many thanks to all of you. Your support is invaluable.

Note:- Since my access to this forum is getting expired so i will see how to renew and stay connected. However i am there on I WANT TO DO PMP


Re: Passed PMP...time for some Lessons Learned

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:49 am
by saket
The forum access is not time bound :-), as of now its unlimited :)

Re: Passed PMP...time for some Lessons Learned

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:44 am
by pank_pmp
Congrats Arpit and sharing your LL, especially the preparation journey you have shared. That's really helpful.

I shall come back in case of queries. As of now I am going thru the videos 2nd time then I shall start with mock exams. How do you rate Rita's questions apart from Scordo, which I still have to start with.

Apart from Rita's, Scordo, Izen Mock exams, I don't think I have energy or patience :D . Don't you think that is suffice, I am asking since you mentioned Simplilearn.

Look hear from you and congratulations again !!!!!


Re: Passed PMP...time for some Lessons Learned

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:32 am
by Parul
Hello Pankaj,

Do go through LL of others n try to do most of it, however always make your own plan as per your requirement.

After going through Rita's, Scordo, Izen Mock exams thoroughly you might not feel the need to go further.

Just have a clear target dates for your exam and make your plan accordingly. Try to visit our forum regularly, post your query, read others queries n try to gain more knowledge and confidence.

All the best...

Re: Passed PMP...time for some Lessons Learned

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:59 am
by pank_pmp
Thanks Parul. Yes, I have a target date set for me somewhere in November.

I am still not have started posting queries in forum but I am regular and watching post on forum.