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Postby muthugeethanjali Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:09 pm


I am extremly excited to share the good news that I cleared my PMP exam today(9/8). Thank you so much IZENBRIDGE team. You guys ROCK!!

Saket, you have created a wonderful team of trainers and established a healthy community for the trainees which I dont see in many places. All your videos and trainings have given me immense strength in clearing this exam.

I have had unimaginable fear for taking the PMP exam and thank you so much for all the moral support that you gave me.

Couple of weeks ago I went to a amusement park with my family and 6 year old wanted me to join him on a 600 feet slide.I would run 10,000 feet away if I see a slide and I had such a fear in my heart. But I din't have any other go because he wanted to join him for once atleast.

I went on top of the slide, sat on the sliding point and watched the ground wondering if I really deserve this.. My son counted 1,2 and on count of 3 he slided while I was still on the same point. He got down and said screaming "Mommy dont come yet.I will come up and we can slide together".. I was happy with the wait time and I had a reason to wait. He came up and counted again and the same thing happened. This time he was mad (I can say from the look he gave me from the ground). He came up the 3rd time and asked me if he can sit next to me.I happily said "okay". He counted 1, counted 2 and on the count of 3....he held my hand strong and started sliding down the 600 feet slide... This time I had no other go other than sliding with him (which I would have not done even for a million dollar) !!

The reason I am sharing this is,I have been postponing my exam a lot thinking I am not ready for that yet.. But all of a sudden I got exhausted and booked for the date last week. There is never a time you will be 100% ready for the exam. You need to make up your mind to take the exam and get rid of the fear.

Saket- all your Quampus materials are invaluable. Rita and Scordo questions helped me a lot as well.
I got several questions from Scordo and to my surprise they were exactly the same (with very slight variations).
Math section in Quampus was very helpful and if you review the match questions(50 question) 3-4 times, it will help solve the real exam questions in no time.. I did that. It helped me a lot.

The schedule questions had no diagram, rather there were lots of reading and we have to construct the diagram and id the critical path,ES and so on.

Lot of control chart questions with specification limits within the control limits.

Following the same trend of IZENBRIDGE, if anyone has any question, feel free to reach out to me @

Saket, this forum has given us a positive spirit in watching everyone learn,grow and succeed. I owe this team a lot..

Thanks everyone !!
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Postby saket Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:28 am

Congratulation !! and stay in touch... :) :) :)
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Postby pank_pmp Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:30 am

Couple of days back I saw you posting queries :D and today I can see you are done with your PMP journey. Great and congrats! Boost my confidence too.

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Postby umeshbww Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:05 pm


I like to hear/read motivational stuff. I may chime something - Yes you may never be ready completely for everything. Imagine you have car parked in garage but problem is you have told yourself you will take your car out for drive when all signals turn green. Honestly - you won't really know all signals are turned green until you take your car out for drive.

Progressive elaboration - PMP teaches us this throughout whole chapter. You will never know 100% what is going to happen in your project - you can't be 100% ready for everything nor you will know everything until you decide to give push. You have to jump into water to feel it.

thank you!
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Postby coolnenapirali Wed Sep 10, 2014 3:14 am


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