Tips to prepare in last month exam preparation

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Tips to prepare in last month exam preparation

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:52 am

1. Attempt domain wise questions. While attempting questions, keep track of which questions you are confident, where you are making a guess and where you are not confident.
a. Go through the question explanation after attempting the test.
b. Don’t leave anything for future, identify the gap areas and recollect the concepts using videos, and Business Analysis Practice Guides
c. For first three domains, attempt multiple times, as it is a high probability that you will get new questions.

2. If something is not clear, use the maximum of the forum. Please explore complete forum; it will open up many perspectives. Next is iZenBridge forum – which has a lot of different sections:
a. Open Forum,
b. Exam Prep Questions,
c. Queries and Tips and
d. Exclusive webinar section.
These are areas which give you access to various topics to improve your understanding, for revising topics, exploring what kind of questions others people have posted. Exploring forum is the good thing to do in your last day’s preparation. It will be a very good revision for last moment.
If something is not clear, post questions, participation will support you

3. Do join the next clarification session, you will receive the notification soon.

4. Also, I recommend you to go through the Glossary – because sometimes you forget the concepts entirely, and it may confuse you in the exam. The glossary is essential; you will not get direct questions, but it is important to create an understanding and making familiar for all concepts.

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