Elicitation Plan is included under Elicitation and Analysis domain instead of Planning domain

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Elicitation Plan is included under Elicitation and Analysis domain instead of Planning domain

Postby dspatil Sat May 27, 2017 3:47 pm

In the BA Practice guide, the Elicitation Plan is included under Elicitation and Analysis domain. As it's a planning activity, I wonder why it is not included in planning domain?
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Re: Elicitation Plan is included under Elicitation and Analysis domain instead of Planning domain

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon May 29, 2017 7:47 am

Good question.

Before answering your question, let’s understand the important elements of Requirement Elicitation:
For Requirement Elicitation:
I. You need to work heavily with stakeholders
II. Also, an understanding of appropriate requirement elicitation tools is necessary.
III. When you know your stakeholders (through Stakeholders Analysis), and the type of information which has to be discovered from these stakeholders – you get to know which elicitation tools are appropriate
IV. When you get to know appropriate elicitation tools and stakeholders involvement – you can create an Elicitation Plan.

Now come to your question - why this planning is available both in Business Analysis Planning domain and Elicitation and Analysis Domain?
We do planning because before execution as we need to have an idea of expectations from the stakeholders. Thus all relevant stakeholders are informed. It helps in managing the expectations and reduce the probability of stakeholders unavailability to a great extent.

Now when Elicitation gets starts; it is more towards about reviewing the existing plan and update the plan based on information which is evolved over the period of time –related to stakeholders, information which is needed to be discovered and about the tools.
Business Analysis is also involved responding to changes which may have occurred. Initial Planning sets the expectation, and during elicitation, it includes if some changes are needed.
A scratch plan for the Elicitation and Analysis cannot be advised, as it will be a sudden discovery of expectations from the stakeholders. It can create chaos. The goal of elicitation planning in the Elicitation & Analysis domain is to surface the changes and adapt accordingly. With time new stakeholders may be added, need to the discovery of requirements may get change to some extent.

Planning is iterative. According to Business Analysis Practice Guide at Page Number 70:
Some planning for elicitation occurred during the construction of the business analysis plan. Because planning is iterative, other planning is performed closer to when the activities are ready to begin. Prior to elicitation, the business analyst begins to focus on more specific details such as how to conduct elicitation, which stakeholders to involve, and which order to schedule elicitation sessions.

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