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PMI- PBA Application

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:14 am
by rbraks
Kindly assist in sharing some sample applications for filling PMI-PBA form.

Re: PMI- PBA Application

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:27 am
by seema.sonkiya
When you start filling the exam application, you need to have a basic understanding of all five domains which can be acquired using these videos: ... K2vHW_voOk

In your exam application, you need to provide project description around:
• A brief, one-sentence objective
• Deliverables summarized by process areas (Needs Assessment, Planning, Analysis, Traceability & Monitoring, and Evaluation) – abbreviations are acceptable – NA, PL, AN, TM, and EV) Or you need make sure the clear description which is mapping these domain tasks and should justify the number of hours you mentioned for a project for each domain
Description needs to be in 500 characters:

One sample project description I am providing:
Project objective to develop a price optimisation solution
NA Anchored high level scope statements Identified stakeholders and their needs
PL Prepared & published how requirements will be analysed and managed
AN Elicit requirements by conducting discussions Prepared BRD & FRD Validate Requirements Obtain sign-off
TM Business Data verification Requirement validation and verification Shared test coverage report Maintained requirement traceability matrix Shared project performance reports Shared issue log
EV Perform User Acceptance testing Gap analysis
More assistance can be taken from following forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=697&p=9066