Do I need to go through PMBOK for PMI-PBA exam?

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Do I need to go through PMBOK for PMI-PBA exam?

Postby mayurgv05 Fri May 06, 2016 9:14 am

Hi Seema,

I am done with the first reading of BA PRACTICE Guide & all the related videos from topic 1 to 17. Scores on the Assessment tests on 1st attempt are (28, 36, 33, 41, 36, 38) for assessment 1 to 6 respectively. I have gone through the PMBOK videos.

1) I am thinking of having a second round of book reading & again all the videos with assessment test. Is it right approach? seeking your advise.
2) Do I need to go through the PMBOK? Do we see Input, Tools & Techniques, Output questions in PBA exam?
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Re: Do I need to go through PMBOK for PMI-PBA exam?

Postby seema.sonkiya Fri May 06, 2016 1:19 pm

Mayur, You are doing great in your exam preparation. Getting around 60% of marks in the first pass means you are reaching the goal of 'Knowing the PMI-PBA exam.'

Yes, you may go through the second round of reading to get the mastering of PMI-PBA exam. Also, think at what stage you are planning to go through chapter 18 to 22, and 25. Mastering needs an understanding of these topics also. You may plan after going through 1 to 17 episodes again; it's up to you. The best strategy is only that work for you.

For the referring of PMBOK in the PMI-PBA exam, you need a fair understanding of what is Project Management Body of Knowledge. But, you are not required to be specific for the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition processes regarding Input, output, and Tools & Techniques. Only an understanding of these areas is essential for the various business analysis activities.

The videos related to PMBOK topics (chapter 10 to 17) are more than sufficient, also for PMBOK areas, go through following from chapter 25 :
Webinar on Quality Planning
Webinar on Integrated Change Management

My blog on "How Much to Read PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition in PMI-PBA® Exam? " ... -pba-exam/ will give you further insight. This blog will give you an idea which topics you need to refer entirely. Those topics you can go through in second round.

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