PMI - PBA Certification Info

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PMI - PBA Certification Info

Postby umeshbww Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:50 pm

Hi Saket/ Seema - I am interested in more info about this certification. I never had experience as Business analyst. But I have worked on projects plus completed PMP certification recently.

1. Am I eligible for this certification considering I completed PMP? Or do I need any business analyst experience.
2. How tough is exam compared to PMP?
3. How much preparation time is needed on hourly basis?
4. What will be value/benefits for this certification compared to other BA certification than PMI?

- Umesh
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Re: PMI - PBA Certification Info

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:25 pm

Hi Umesh
1. Yes, you are eligible for the PMI-PBA examination, Anyone, who work on projects and programs, as well as project and program managers who perform business analysis as part of their role can apply for this certification.
You can show what business analysis activities you did for each domain (Need Assessment, Planning, Analysis, Traceability and Monitoring, Evaluation). PMI-PBA just needs business analysis experience regardless of designation.
2. Regarding how tough it is, I would like to say here that we need to see the business analysis perspective for PBA. Business Analyst is involved in detailed investigation both in strategic analysis and for project elicitation and analysis, while Project Manager is primarily play the role of project integrator. PMP is designed to develop project integrator while PBA is designed with the intent to develop detailed analysis expertise.
Hence, in PMP analysis tools described to the level that is sufficient to know for an integrator, while in PBA these are defined to good extent. At the same, other aspects related to manager are not defined in PBA.
So based on candidate profile and skills, difficulty level can be judged. Personally, I rate them equal for the difficulty level.

3. Preparation time, again depend on candidate existing profile and current involvement. My personal experience says 2 hours of study is sufficient for 1.5 to 2 months.
4. Regarding Value: This product will mature soon, I am not saying that it will go beyond the success of other business Analysis certificates. Because PMI aim is not to compete with other certificates, PMI focus is to develop a unique product and designed in relation with project management, as Project Manager and Business Analyst are key profiles for the project

Emphasis of PMI is to develop a common language for both profiles, as a result both PM and BA can work together for the successful completion of project. In PBA, Business Analysts role is described right from strategy development to the project execution and where content is designed in relation with PMBOK.

For example, CBAP perspective is to develop efficient Business Analysts and there is no relation with any other certification. It is core business analysis certificate, while in PBA all of core work of Business Analysis is described from enterprise analysis to full project execution.
Seema Sonkiya

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