Video: Earned Value Management (EVM)

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Video: Earned Value Management (EVM)

Postby indusharma Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:59 am

Discussion on the following points of EVM was done in the Hangout:

Earned Value Management is basically a monitoring tool which monitors using terminology of money.
Do not memorize the formulas directly instead it would be better if you get into the basic understanding of the concept behind EVM first.
Some of the important questions discussed during the session include:
• What is this to compute to performance index?
• There is always confusion on different formulae for EAC and ETC calculation in different scenarios e.g. typical, atypical, fundamentally flawed estimate etc.

Knowledge Area : Cost Management
Process Group : Monitoring and Controlling

Keywords: Cost Management, Control costs, EVM, earned value management, ETC, EAC, Performance Index, Atypical scenaio, EAC formulas, cost variance, schedule variance
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