When different te

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When different te

Postby seema.sonkiya Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:17 am

Got following questions:
1. In what Phase / stage Agile Dev Team members (Generalizing specialists) are selected / Identified and by whom ?

2. In what Phase / stage Scrum Master is selected and by whom ?

3. Is it possible to comeback to Visioning Phase (Envision) in the middle of the project due to changes in the market condition / Change in the Product Etc?

4. At what stage / Phase Empowering the Team (Self organizing & Self Directing ) is Happening in Agile Environment?

5. At what Phase / stage Models of Team Development (Shu-Ha-Ri Model of Skill Mastery, Tuckman Model of Team Formation and Development ) is Happening in Agile Environment?

6. At what Phase / stage Training,Coaching,and Mentoring is happening in Agile Environment? Is these activities are taken care either by agile coach or Scrum Master based on the Situation?

7.At what Phase / Stage Create a Safe and Open Environment is created ?

8.Where design documents are stored in Agile Projects ?

9.At what phase metaphor created ?

10.At what stage or meeting KPIs (Key performance Indicators) are discussed in Agile Environment?

11.At what stage or meeting the Type of Agile Contract is Finalized between Customer and Vender ?

Is it happening before ENVISION Phase ?

12.Who is primary responsible for creating a Agile Charter ? Is charter is created at ENVISION Phase ?

Many thanks in Advance...

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