Procurement Mgmt

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Procurement Mgmt

Postby KaurP Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:32 am

Procurement management plan is developed based on:
Only Budget
Scope and Schedule
Scope, budget, and schedule
Only scope

According to the new examination content outline, budget is also included. Earlier it was based on scope and schedule.

Inputs for Plan Procurement Management are-

Project Charter
Business Documents (Business case, Benefits Mgmt. Plan)
Project Management Plan (Scope management plan, Quality management plan, Resource management plan, Scope baseline)
Project Documents (Milestone list, Project team assignments, Requirements documentation, Requirements traceability matrix, Resource requirements, Risk register, Stakeholder register)

PMP Content outline-

Develop the procurement management plan based on the project scope, budget, and schedule, in order to ensure that the required project resources will be available.

As explanation says ''Earlier it was based on scope and schedule'' so just want to cross check this answer with you.

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Re: Procurement Mgmt

Postby manishpn Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:19 pm

Why does a project procure?

Sometimes to make it faster (Schedule)
If project lacks competence to deliver a certain part of project (Scope)
and also it is done sometimes if the budget is constrained and PM needs to look at cheaper alternatives (Budget)

So procurement may be done for all above 3 reasons or one of above , and Proc Mgmt Plan needs to cater to it
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