Code of Professional Conduct

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Code of Professional Conduct

Postby KaurP Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:33 am

Need help in understanding two similar however twisted questions-

Your project has just been completed, and one of your subcontractors has sent you the tickets for a cricket match to thank you for your business. What is the BEST way to respond?

Thank the subcontractor, but do not give him preference in the next RFP
Thank the subcontractor, but politely refuse the gift
Ask for tickets for the entire team so that it is fair to everyone
Report the subcontractor to PMI®

The PMP® Code of Professional Conduct says that you're not allowed to accept any kind of gift, not even after the project has been finished. This would be considered the same as taking a bribe.

You are working at a customer location in a foreign country where it is customary to exchange gifts during New Year celebrations. Your company forbids you to accept any form of gift from your customer, but you have a strong feeling that if you refuse to accept and reciprocate the gesture, it can severely affect your relationship with the customer. In this case, it is BEST to:

Explain your company policy and politely refuse to accept any gifts
Discuss this situation with your Project Sponsor or legal department
Accept the gift and keep it confidential so that there is no loss of face for your organization
Take a break from project work to go on a small vacation during the New Year

Since the company policy forbids the Project Manager from accepting any gifts, the Project Manager should consult the Project Sponsor and legal department.

Shouldn't we remember The PMP® Code of Professional Conduct in this case as well and politely refuse to accept any gifts in first place?
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Re: Code of Professional Conduct

Postby manishpn Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:05 pm

read PMI code of conduct ' Globalization has brought economies closer together but
has caused a realization that our practice of ethics may differ from culture to culture'

PM should always be sensitive to local culture , so when question is talking about a different region, local vs foreign PM should keep in mind the prevailing culture and when in doubt check with management
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