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Postby KaurP Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:09 pm

The ES of an activity is 2 days, and the duration of the activity is 5 days. The LF for the activity is 8 days. What is the total float for this activity?

6 days
3 days
1 day
5 days

We can calculate float using the formula EF=ES+D=2+5=7 and LS=LF-D=8-5=3. The formula for Total float is LS-ES or LF-EF. The answer is 1 day.

I am calculating EF as 2+5-1 = 6
Total Float = LF-EF : 8-6 = 2

Should we assume the work to start from day '0' from PMP exam perspective or day '1'?
Is there any different approach when working with single activity with given info?


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