Stakeholders : Quampus question

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Stakeholders : Quampus question

Postby harin4627 Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:29 pm

When we talk about projects which are based on established contract or initiated by statement of work, what is the role of procurement document or project charter in identification of stakeholders?
To get list of parties who negatively or positively influence project.
To get list of parties who negatively or positively influence project.
To get list of parties who will work for completion of the project
All of the above

I did not clearly get this question. Can anybody explain this? (option a and b are same)
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Re: Stakeholders : Quampus question

Postby namita Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:09 am

definitely correction in option 1 and 2 is required (Indu can help in correcting this). I think some typo but this might have eased the choice of option for you :)..

However what question is precisely asking is, what is the role of Project Charter and Procurement documents as inputs in identification of stakeholders (for identify stakeholder process)?

As per PMBOK5

The project charter can provide information about internal and external parties related with the project and affected by the result or the execution of the project, such as project sponsor(s), customers, team members, groups and departments participating in the project, and other people or organizations affected by the project and If a project is the result of a procurement activity or is based on an established contract, the parties in that contract are key project stakeholders. Other relevant parties, such as suppliers, should also be considered as part of the project stakeholder list.

Therefore all the options are right.

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