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Passed PMP on 13th FEB - first attempt

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:08 am
by balaji1987
Few videos which I recommend: do see that first before start reading PMPBOOK.

1. : WPD – WPI flow

2. : CR explained

3. Savage on Saturdays (5 episodes till now – highly recommend to check out for tools expiations and CR - Videos)

4. Read PMPBOOK – understand the flow – major outputs for each process, tools and techniques (check Savage on Saturday) inputs

5. Rita M. just see tips and tricks section – it might be useful, don’t spend time in this, read PMBOOK again if you have time or check Saket's Vidio again.

6. Check Saket Bansal’s videos.

7. Take as much of mock test as possible –, I would have taken more than 2500 questions (studied both correct and wrong answers)

8. Learn the differences mitigation vs contingency reserve, when to use which strategy, configuration vs change management plan – there are lots of videos related to that in youtube –

9. learn PAGE 78 in PMPBOOK in detail – project documents.

PS : Study using PMBOOK, Saket's session and Savage on Saturday, one month to 45 days is more than enough

In exam :
• I got around 2-3 questions related to network diagrams (1. Finding critical path 2. One question was to draw a network diagram and critical path )
• SPI CPI and all were given in S curve , need to check the graph and see if its cost overrun / schedule ahead or behind
• Stakeholder -3-4 questions regarding power /influence grid
• Quality – understand the tools. There are many videos online , just check that , we can answer 5-6 questions.
• Understand Communication plan Vs – stakeholder Vs stakeholder register got around 5 questions
• Roles of project manager , team and sponsor
• Procurement / Time : was little tricky , but we can easily find out the answer by using eliminating strategy
• Risk : Transfer (3-4 questions were related to : buy insurance , give It to third party ) , Accept risk (1 question)
• Close : learn the difference between – close phase and project
• During exam I marked around 20 -30 questions, few questions I had doubt (crossed out the irrelevant options ) , I completed exam in 3 hours. The reviewed all the 20-30 marked questions and doubtful options . I still had time to review other 130 questions  , I changed few options during reviewing :P
• EXAM was very easy, we can easily find right answers by using elimination technique.

Balaji S

Re: Passed PMP on 13th FEB - first attempt

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:46 pm
by manishpn
congratulations and thanks for choosing izenbridge