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risk response/contingency plan/workaround/fallback

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risk response/contingency plan/workaround/fallback

Postby ajaynit Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:39 pm

Manish Sir,

i have illustrated my understanding below, please confirm if i am good here.

i am managing a event and calling 10 speakers from all over globe
all have accepted the invitation .


looking at lesson learnt from previous events ,atleast one speaker may turn up only on last day of event instead of initially planed 2nd day of event

Risk response:
Active acceptance accept (plan contingency reserve,means if it occurs then that speaker's slot can be given for very last day)

now event is in progress and the risk occurred (speaker told he cant make on 2nd day of event)
initial response to this risk also will not work as you realize the last day's agenda is very tight.

Use webex and request speaker if he can deliver his speech through virtual communication mode.means this says that i am still trying to make my plan (Plan A) of live session with speaker possible

workaround also didnt work due to network issue so this slot is turned into open Q & A session. means PLAN A of speaker's speech is compltely changed to Plan B now.

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