Mock Test : Key performance indicators (KPI)

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Mock Test : Key performance indicators (KPI)

Postby balaji1987 Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:55 am

You have just started performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project objectives. You feel that there is short of few resources in one of the module and the work is getting affected. You would like to generate a report for every work modules and report that in the weekly project meeting. Which tool can gauge percentage of processes where the actual number assigned resources is less than planned number of assigned resources?
A: Expert Judgment
B: Key performance indicators (KPI)
C: Meetings
D: An information collection and distribution system

Answer : Right answer as per the test was B. please clarify. what is Key performance indicators (KPI) and why we are using the same. I have not seen Key performance indicators (KPI) mentioned in PMBOOK
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Re: Mock Test : Key performance indicators (KPI)

Postby manishpn Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:08 pm

KPI is generally rarely seen for PMP exam but its a simple and good to know concept

usually we have SLAs and KPIs as the measurements tool

There are wide range of KPIs uses in various industry
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