Few Questions during my mock exam - Need Clarification

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Few Questions during my mock exam - Need Clarification

Postby balaji1987 Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:34 pm

Your 2 years big IT project is already delayed by 2 months because of frequent changes from your customer. However, your customer is fine with the new higher cost and the new schedule. Your project is almost in last stage and it would end in next 3 months. Today, you receive a communication from your customer that he would like another change in a component which was already delivered to him some 6 months before. He is fine if you delay the project further to adjust this work but he is not ready to pay any additional cost for this new change. Your team accesses that this new change would take about a month to implement. What would you do next?
A: Accept this change and let your team execute this change. You should give him new schedule which would be a month more than the previous one.
B: Since he is not paying you additional cost for this change, keep your schedule the same and fast track your project to accomplish this new change.
C: Take this change to the change control board and let them access this change. You should ask for additional cost from the customer if CCB agree to that.
D: Do not accept this change and tell him that he should pay additional cost since this is something new is he is asking. You should not agree to take this change

Anwer :My choice was B, But the Right answer as per the test was C. please clarify.

You have just started performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project objectives. You feel that there is short of few resources in one of the module and the work is getting affected. You would like to generate a report for every work modules and report that in the weekly project meeting. Which tool can gauge percentage of processes where the actual number assigned resources is less than planned number of assigned resources?
A: Expert Judgment
B: Key performance indicators (KPI)
C: Meetings
D: An information collection and distribution system

Answer : Right answer as per the test was B. please clarify.

You are a project manager and in the process to determine the budget of your project. Which technique involves the use of project characteristics to develop mathematical models to predict total project costs?
A: Cost Aggregation
B: Reserve Analysis
C: Historical Relationships
D: Funding Limit Reconciliation

Anwer: Right answer as per the test was C. please clarify. I answerd as A, Cost Aggregation was mentioned during budgeting cost

Kevin is a project manager working to improve production efficiency. He discovers that the ongoing process requires some amendments. In order to implement better practices, he would need resources to work in shifts. Kevin's functional manager does not agree to provide him with resource who can work in all shifts. What should Kevin do next?
A: Talk to the sponsor.
B: Highlight this risk to the senior stakeholders.
C: Re-plan the change implementation so that existing resource can be just utilized.
D: Negotiate with the Functional Manager.

Scott is a project manager in a manufacturing industry. While collecting requirements for his project, he would like to use a technique that helps to determine critical characteristics for new product development. What best can help him for this task?
A: The Delphi Technique
B: Brainstorming discussions
C: Questionnaires and Surveys
D: Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Shankar is a project manager and is surprised to see issues being reported while his project work is being performed. What should Shankar do next?
A: Raise a Change Request
B: Fix the issues found using defect repair
C: Document the plan for the corrective and preventive actions
D: Add this to the risk register

You are a project manager involved in Reporting Performance of your project. Audit team have reported many open issues in your project. You have found the causes of some issues and the reason behind some. You have also chosen some corrective action for the same. Where would you document these?
A: Change Requests
B: Organizational process assets
C: Risk register
D: Project status report

You are a project manager and during the midway of execution you realize that some communications may no longer be necessary, an ineffective communication method may be replaced by another method or a new communication requirement may be identified. What will you do next?
A: Update project management plan
B: Update project document
C: Raise Change Requests
D: Update stakeholder management strategy
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Re: Few Questions during my mock exam - Need Clarification

Postby manishpn Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:52 pm

Hi Balaji kindly post one question per thread and also put relevant title to the thread
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