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Stakeholder Register

Postby graghu_81 Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:39 am

Why is stakeholder register not a sensitive document and only stakeholder Mgmt Plan ?
Stakeholder Register contains stakeholder classification information like : Internal / External, Resistor, Supporter, Neutral.
A stakeholder may not feel good about seeing this information.
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Re: Stakeholder Register

Postby pmp_learner Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:21 pm

Stakeholder Management Plan uses the Stakeholder Engagement Assessment metrics as a tool & technique to assess the current and desired level engagement state of stakeholders. That's why it becomes a sensitive document. To me depending on what information is stored in Stakeholder Management Plan and Stakeholder register, both can be sensitive documents and PM might want to be careful before sharing. That's why sometimes it is suggested to keep such sensitive information and Stakeholder Engagement Assessment metrics information in a separate document and at a safe place. Please find the information from Rita, page 537:

++++++++++++ From Rita +++++++++++++
Be Careful with the information about stakeholders! Think carefully before you share the stakeholder management plan, your stakeholder register, or other verbal and written communication about stakeholder. Consider all the potentially sensitive information you might be documenting about stakeholders' attitudes & personalities, Or obstacles or challenges related to working with a stakeholder...............................
This means that when you discover an obstacle or challenge associated with a stakeholder, you may decide not to share it with others and not to write it down: so small portion of your stakeholder management plan may reside only in your mind.

Manish/Saket: Can you please throw some light on this. Is ONLY Stakeholder management plan sensitive document or Stakeholder MGMT Plan & Stakeholder Register both may have sensitive information.
Per Rita looks like both (Stakeholder MGMT Plan & Stakeholder register) may have sensitive information and may need to be protected. However PMBOK seems to mention ONLY Stakeholder Management Plan as sensitive document.
If we get a question in exam, which has both the in the given choice, which one should be choose, stakeholder MGMT Plan, or Stakeholder register.

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Re: Stakeholder Register

Postby akitut Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:37 pm

I read from other source (by Sean Whitaker):
"Take great care with information that you record in your stakeholder register, and always keep in mind that a stakeholder may one day view the register; ensure that the information you include about your assessment of the stakeholders’ influence, impact, or engagement on the project will not adversely affect your project if the stakeholder reads the register. "

So, I believe Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management Plan both should be sensitive documents and moreover we should try to focus much on Stakeholder Register to keep it protected from Stakeholders, since it contains our assessment about stakeholders. It may impact/influence the project if they read. And Stakeholder Management Plan is only a plan and a generic doc which will only talk about how we have to create/maintain the Stakeholder Register and other things, this document should not be so sensitive compared to Stakeholder Register.
I expressed my thoughts. Would like to see the comments from Saket/Manish. :?:
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Re: Stakeholder Register

Postby manishpn Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:44 pm

I agree both of them are sensitive document, we need to know what it contains.
Manish P
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