Clarification on Leadership & Management styles

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Clarification on Leadership & Management styles

Postby pmp_learner Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:34 pm

Just wondering if you can help me in understanding the differences between the following leadership styles. If you can provide some examples that would help :

1) Difference between "Directing" and "Driver"
2) Difference between "Consultative" and "Democratic or Participative"

Per Rita, page 360:

Directing :
This style involves telling others what to do.

Driver :
A manager with a driver style is constantly giving directions. His or her competitive attitude drives the team to win .

Consultative :
This bottom-up approach uses influence to achieve results. The manager obtains others' opinions and act as a servant-leader for the team.

Democratic or Participative :
This style involves encouraging team participation in the decision-making process. Team members "own" the decisions made by the group, which results in improved teamwork and cooperation.

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Re: Clarification on Leadership & Management styles

Postby manishpn Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:49 pm

Hi Kavita , we discussed this during clarification session on 19 aug
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