Business case in Phase 2 of Project

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Business case in Phase 2 of Project

Postby rajatahaali Thu May 04, 2017 8:04 pm

Lopez is Project Manager for a Satellite development program which runs for 4 years and it has been decided to split it in logical phases to make it more manageable. There is a cost cutting initiative in his organization and Lopez finally got his budget approved from Loretta (his sponsor) after a series of negotiations. Phase #1 got completed and Lopez has invited Loretta to discuss kick-off meeting agenda for Phase #2. Loretta goes through the agenda but she is unhappy as she feels a critical item is missing from Agenda. What according to you is the MOST critical agenda item for project sponsor before each phase is kicked-off.

The answer is " Business Case" .

My question is that when we start next phase do we consider Business case again. Isnt business case same for entire project or is it different for every phase.
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Re: Business case in Phase 2 of Project

Postby manishpn Fri May 05, 2017 7:16 am

when Project has to start with next phase it has to consider if the original business case is still valid or not.
This is critical (especially for big projects) where business case validity is key before moving on an executing remaining phases within the project.

looks at some of the previous threads we discussed

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