Cancel project Vs. Terminate project

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Cancel project Vs. Terminate project

Postby Housam Bassal Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:28 pm


could you please elaborate on the difference between cancel project and terminate project? :roll:
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Re: Cancel project Vs. Terminate project

Postby manishpn Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:13 am

if there is no contracts involved then both these terms means the same in terms of ending the project pre maturely.

however if there is a contract involved then there is some legal nuisances gets kicked in , in terms of difference between these 2 terms w.r.t to a contract.

Termination refers to the ending of a contract, in most case before contract end date , which may be by mutual agreement or by exercise of one party of one of his remedies due to the default of the other party. in termination normally both the parties are not free from there obligations

Cancellation refers to the ending of a contract by destroying its validity or effectiveness. Generally, cancellation puts an end to a contract by discharging the other party from obligations as yet unperformed, usually because the other party has breached or defaulted.

there is one more term called expiration, where if not action is taken by either parties before a X date of end date of contract (as stated in contract) then the contract will expire , die its natural death.
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