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Consult to whom in case of problem in best order

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Consult to whom in case of problem in best order

Postby kshitij_y Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:00 pm

Q. When you have problem you will consult to whom in best order
1) your team ,managment, resource managment
2) your team,resource management ,customer
Answer is 1) but why not 2)
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Re: Consult to whom in case of problem in best order

Postby saket Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:43 am

This one is subjective.... it all depend upon the situation... but in general for big projects (not the agile projects) we go to customer at the end.

So when we have problem we try to solve inside the team, if we can not solve it we go to sponsor , sponsor is the one who is ultimately accountable to customer (when we think of big project done as per order of customer) , only when sponsor can not solve it .. he will allow us to take the matter to customer.

The above statement is true for Fixed price type of contracts , in rest we work as one team (customer + project team) and in such cases customer is the one who is more involved than sponsor , since he is the one who is paying for all expenses we do.

In exam , when you face such question and question is not giving these details... assume fixed price and predictive life cycle project.
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