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Communication Management

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:16 am
by hiasad
Hello there,
I get confused with questions that have choices "Formal" "Written" and "Verbal" as valid options in a scenario . For example:

If a PM is communicating with Sponsor or a Customer then the communication should be --------------

In my opinion written makes sense so this communication is on the record, formal also has to be true since you are communicating information outside the immediate project team, Isnt verbal considered a stronger mode of communication that written ? It has a higher degree of interaction than written (email).

I have read the definitions but they are not much help in scenario based examples. Can you please provide some pointers ?


Re: Communication Management

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:30 am
by umeshbww
This question is not enough to answer -
All are valid options
- if pm is seeking deliverables approval - it can be formal and written
- if pm is presenting project progress or finding - it can be formal and verbal

Keep in mind - email is informal written communication. Not formal

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:32 am
by saket
Yes i agree... and In general thumb rule all communication done with external (beyond project team) people are usually formal and inside team they are informal.

Lets see the questions where you see confusion.

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:08 am
by bs_pani
@ Saket,

I hope you mean outside the team in Formal and Inside the team its Informal. Hope its a typo :) coz as per you both are formal

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:16 am
by saket
Yes,...edited... thanks for catching.

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:45 pm
by bs_pani
If the ground rule is Formal Communication Required outside team then why the below question Q 11 from Rita has an answer of Formal Written Communication

The project manager has a project team consisting of people in four countries. The project is very important to the company, and the project manager is concerned about its successes. The length of the project schedule is acceptable. What type of Communication we should use

Informal verbal communication
Formal Written Communication
Formal Verbal Communication
Informal Written Communication

Explanation – Because of the difference in culture and the distance between members formal written communication is needed

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:55 pm
by bs_pani

Did you get a chance to look into it?

Re: Communication Management

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:43 am
by saket
The idea Rita Question want to communicate is : Whenever we have complex problem or complex situation we should go for Written communication, when you want to give something which becomes basis for future work or baseline it should be formal.

Now you have culture difference recommend written communication , now should it be formal or informal... if you look at question , it is giving hint for the project is very important and people are from 4 countries... so better go with formal.