Close Project / Phase sequence

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Close Project / Phase sequence

Postby anand.sutar Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:27 am

Dear Manish Sir,
I searched on forum regarding sequence for close project, got below

Confirm work is done to requirements.>Gain formal acceptance of the product - this is Validate scope> Complete financial closure. Towards Seller> Hand off completed product (Hand over to Ops)> Complete procurement closure. > Solicit feedback from customer about the project. >Complete final performance reporting.>Index and archive records >Gather final lessons learned and update knowledge base.>Release Resources.

However as per PMBOK 6th page, 162, some additional "new entries regarding closure has come, under Major headings,

I tried to sequence them (tried to attach excel file but unable), kindly guide for corrections. List attached below with example,

I can understand as per type of project various closing process will change, kindly consider below Program and Project and guide accordingly.

I considered below Infrastructure Program and internal Project,
Program - Airport Development (further it will handover to Airport Operations People)
Scope - Terminal Building and adjoining Multi Level Car Park (total 9 floors)
Specific Project Scope - Multi Level Car Park Only (total 9 floors) , organization "XYZ Airport Construction" will do this, PM assigned on this project by XYZ Airport Construction
Procurement Contract - Only for Glass Facade works of Multi Level Car Park to "ABC company" (subcontractor)
Handover from "XYZ Airport Construction" to "XYZ Airport Operations"

1 Contract Closure--- Confirming the formal acceptance of the seller’s work,
2 Contract Closure--- Finalizing open claims,
3 Contract Closure--- Updating records to reflect final results,
4 Contract Closure--- Archiving such information for future use.

5 Administrative Closure--- Making certain that all documents and deliverables are up-to-date and that all issues are resolved;
6 Administrative Closure--- Confirming the delivery and formal acceptance of deliverables by the customer;
7 Other--- Actions and activities necessary to transfer the project's products, services, or results to the next phase or to production and/or operations.
8 Administrative Closure--- Ensuring that all costs are charged to the project;

9 Other--- Measuring stakeholder satisfaction.

10 Other--- Collecting any suggestions for improving or updating the policies and procedures of the organization, and sending them to the appropriate organizational unit.

11 Administrative Closure--- Closing project accounts;
12 Administrative Closure--- Dealing with excess project material;
13 Administrative Closure--- Reallocating project facilities, equipment, and other resources; (However few will be kept for L.L. and Archive Info
14 Administrative Closure--- Elaborating the final project reports as required by organizational policies.

15 Lessons learned & Doc Archive--- Collect project or phase records,
16 Lessons learned & Doc Archive--- Audit project success or failure,
17 Lessons learned & Doc Archive--- Manage knowledge sharing and transfer, Identify lessons learned, and
18 Lessons learned & Doc Archive--- Archive project information for future use by the organization.
19 Administrative Closure--- Reassigning personnel;
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Re: Close Project / Phase sequence

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:24 am

Apart from that, there is a need to see if there are any issues open by going through issue log.

A final report is created for the summary of project performance.

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